Aaron basically own several beauty salons in Bugis Cube and does some government grant for all the SMEs.

He is the first entrepreneur whom I met, who does charity everyday.

Giving away foods, blanket to homeless people and even bought thousands of fish to release.

To be honest, if I am very rich, i might not have the energy to does it for a long period of time.

Therefore, I decided to build a friendship with him and to assist him in his business.

Aaron is also a good friend of Mr Toh. Because of him, I manage to met Mr Toh for two hours. Mr Toh is usually very busy meeting many board of directors.

All these shops located at Bugis Cube were operate by Aaron.

You may visit their Facebook page Keolleo Bar to see some of their interesting hair styles which other salons might not have.

Next week, we will be renovating our website and to explain how My Digital Lock will work with Aaron.

I believe My Digital Lock is popular in Singapore.

Right now, its time for My Digital Lock to meet new friends, to provide more benefits to our customers.


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