Retro Pet Friendly Mesh Gate 4×7 Feet



Pet Friendly Mesh Gate

Besides preventing dogs and cats from escaping without hurting, this HDB gate gives you maximum exposure and visibility

You can see through the HDB Mesh Gate as if there is no barrier

Also, it can be easily maintain using a feather duster

Anti-Sharp Polishing 

After we ordered the mesh, polishing is the most important factor for the mesh gate as we need to remove the sharp edges

Otherwise your hand will get cut if polishing is not done properly and quality check in detail

We charge at a reasonable price because it takes us more time than usual to ensure this gate is safe enough for end user to use before delivers

Customize your Design 

You can pay $100 and we can customize the design at the middle and bottom section with the type of design you prefer

Customization will make your HDB gate more unique compared to the rest

Nicer Workmanship (Less Wielding) 

Kato Mesh HDB Gate is popular because the pattern is cut out by machine hence less wielding will be involved to ensure better finishing product

18 Colours to Choose

For Kato Mesh Gate, the paint we use are specially made which is hardly purchase in the market

Also, the paint has anti-rust coating to prevent the gate from rusting

The Latest EPIC 24K Gold Platted Gate Digital Lock

My Digital Lock have developed the most luxurious gate digital lock in Singapore to match with the Pet friendly mesh gate

Besides having a good gate design, you need to have a nice and modern digital lock to build the nicest HDB gate in Singapore along with HDB main Door

My Digital lock gate digital lock comes in 24K gold platted, satin gold and space grey

For more digital lock, visit our showroom or call to arrange for mobile showroom

Exclusive EPIC 6G Dual Fingerprint Gate Digital Lock

Now it’s the right time to purchase HDB gate from My Digital Lock as we have finally built the latest gate digital lock in the market

Now you don’t have to unlock using remote control anymore

By scanning fingerprint, you can unlock the HDB gate from inside

In My Digital Lock, you can get the best gate digital lock with the nicest HDB gate in Singapore

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