FAAC 415 Swing Autogate Italy Up 4M 800KG (3 Years Warranty)

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FAAC 415 Swing Autogate Italy Up 4M 800KG

Product Description

3 Years Warranty

FAAC 415 Swing Autogate is one of the heavy duties swing auto gate system that can support those big landed property gate

The 2 FAAC autogate arm will be install onto the gate for it to pull and push open the gate

FAAC autogate system is one of the most famous brand in the entire autogate industry

If you are looking for an autogate system that is strong and durable, you can consider getting this model

FAAC 415 Key Features

  • Available in versions with a 300mm (max leaf 3m) and 400mm (max leaf 4m) rod stroke.
  • Manual release device with simplified key-protected activation.
  • Horizontal exit for cables to allow for low installation

Technical Specification for FAAC 415

Specifications Values
Maximum Leaf Length 2 m
Power Supply ‎24 V dc
Power Consumption ‎60 W (nominal)–288 W (max)
Current 1.3 A
Dimensions in mm (LxDxH) ‎835 x 105 x 148
Weight ‎7.8 kg

FAAC 415 Catalogue

FAAC 415 Catalogue