EPIC POPSCAN Fingerprint Digital Lock (Full Black)

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EPIC POPSCAN Fingerprint Digital Lock (Full Black)

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EPIC Popscan Fingerprint Digital Lock in Full Black is under the limited edition series

EPIC popscan fingerprint digital lock is the best selling digital lock in Japan since 2012

Therefore, this year, EPIC have develop a full black version for you to match any types of door easily

More than 10,000 pieces sold in Singapore for this model

360 Fingerprint Air touch sensor

After 10 years of production, EPIC popscan carries one of the most accurate fingerprint sensor for a more responsive reading of fingerprint

Full functionality

Fingerprint Authentication

You can register fingerprints of up to 100 fingers.


You can register any number from 4 to 12 digits.

One-Time PIN

This is a PIN that can only be unlocked once. This is convenient when visiting guests.

Auto Lock

It is a function that locks automatically when the door is closed. It can be set to enable or disable.

PIN Code Cheating Function

Even when there are people nearby, you can unlock by cheating on your PIN.

Volume Setting

It can be set in 7 steps.

Mute Function

It is possible to unlock quietly without playing the melody when returning home at midnight.

Multi-Touch Security Settings

It is a function that can be set to enter the 3-digit number displayed after entering the PIN.

Outdoor Battery Connection

Even if the battery in the indoor unit runs out, it can be unlocked by connecting a square 9V alkaline battery (sold separately) to the outdoor unit.

Unauthorized Unlock Alarm

If a thief tries to force it open, it will threaten with an alarm.

Fire Alarm and Automatic Unlocking

When the indoor unit detects a temperature of about 62 ° C (± 5 ° C), it sounds an alarm and unlocks automatically.

Good Night Forced Lock

With the function that can disable unlocking from the outside, you can sleep with peace of mind even when you go to bed at night.

Outing Forced Lock

This function allows you to disable the unlock button of the indoor unit.

Product specifications

Corresponding door thickness 35-50mm
Back set 40-88 mm
Backset POPscan HOOK 60-105mm
Unlocking method 1 type of PIN (4-12 digits)
One-time PIN 1 type (4-12 digits)
Fingerprint authentication Up to 100 fingers can be registered
Battery life Approximately 1 year (* 1) when used 10 times a day
Rated voltage DC6V (4 AA alkaline batteries)
Emergency power supply DC9V (9V type square alkaline battery)
Size Outdoor unit Length 179 mm x Width 74 mm x Thickness 24 mm
Indoor unit POPscan Length 93 mm x Width 162 x Thickness 49 mm
Indoor unit POPscan HOOK Length 89.5 mm x Width 164 x Thickness 48 mm
Strike POPscan Length 125 mm x Width 29 x Thickness 24 mm
Strike POPscan HOOK Type I 118mm x 26mm x 33mm Strike POPscan HOOK L type (sold separately) 118mm x 54mm x 35mm thick
Warranty period 1 year from the date of purchase
  • 1 Varies depending on the usage environment and batteries. We recommend Panasonic’s EVOLTA.
  • Please avoid installing at the entrance where the outdoor unit is exposed to rain. There is no problem if you have an eaves.
  • Since the indoor unit is not waterproof, the indoor unit cannot be installed in an outdoor location.
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