4×7 Feet Wrought Iron HDB Gate


Customize Any Design (Mix and Match Any 2 Design)

In order to encourage for new HDB gate project to match with our EPIC gate digital lock

We will not charge for customize design as long as it does not involve laser cutting

Customize for Gate Digital Lock

With 9 Years of experience, My Digital Lock is able to install the HDB gate without hitting the HDB main door, even if it does in some cases, we will solve it for you

Wielding Involved

The HDB Gate were built by wielding small pieces of metal rods hence there will be lots of wielding involve

If you want lesser wielding, you can consider getting our Kato laser cut gate as designs and pattern were cut out by machines

 Powder Coating for FREE

Price include powder coating which is a tough paint to prevent paint drop from scratches

Many HDB owners wanted to replace their wrought iron HDB gate with mild steel as it is the current trend as it matches well with EPIC Gate Digital Lock

My Digital Lock highly recommend EPIC Satin Gold Gate Digital Lock to match with our black HDB gate

As the contrast in the colour will make the whole HDB gate outstanding

Colour for this Project

All types of colours are available for this HDB Gate for the $680-780 range

As we need to spray a base paint before spraying other colours unlike black

Delivery Process

1. After we receive the full payment, we will arrange to measure the HDB gate from outside of your house from Monday to Saturday

2. We will deliver within 7 days for Weekdays, for Saturday, it is subjected to the availability so book us in advance (Sunday No Installation)

3. Install Date (7 days from the date of Purchase, exclude Sunday)