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Line8 Power Tracks

Model S Surface Power Track

$0.265 per millimeter

Model R Recess Power Track

$0.265 per millimeter

Line8 Socket Units

UKS-1 British Premium Adaptor

MLT-1 Travel Premium Adaptor





Line8 Power Tracks with Custom Finishing

Line8 Power Tracks (Model S / Model R)

with Premium Vinyl Finishing


Multimedia Accessories

HDMI AV Faceplate /w HDMI Connector


VGA AV Faceplate /w VGA Connector


3.5mm Audio AV Faceplate /w 3.5mm Audio Connector


1/4 Inch MIC Faceplate /w 1/4 Inch MIC Connector


BNC AV Faceplate /w BNC Connector


XLR MIC AV Faceplate /w XLR MIC Connector


Coaxial Data Faceplate /w Coaxial Connector


CAT6A Data Faceplate /w Cat6A Connector


CAT6 Data Faceplate /w Cat6 Connector (Feed-thru/Punch)


Fibre Optic Data Faceplate /w Fibre Optic Connector


USB3.0 Data Faceplate /w USB3.0 Connector


20A High Power Switch /w 20A Switch


CAT6 Data Housing /w Cat6 Connector (Feed-thru)


Line8 Power Track Add-Ons

Model S Desktop Stand Accessory


Pre-Wired 3 Meter Power Cord with British Plug


60W USB A+C Max USB Charger


IoT Smart Home Wifi Interface Module /w Stainless Steel Switch


Internal Corner Cap 90°


Internal Corner Cap 90°


Locking Terminal Assy – CNC Aluminium Lock Set /w tool-steel key


Locking Bolt Assembly – Extruded & CNC Aluminium Bolt & Carrier


Surge Protector Terminal – 10,000A 100 Joules Protection


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Ex-Works from our Factory in Singapore.