No.1 Best Selling Digital Lock in Japan Since 2017-2023

EPIC Japan have developed 12 Latest Smartphone Digital Lock for Singapore HDB Fire Rated Door and HDB Gate since 2017 to 2023

EPIC Digital Lock is the Best-Selling Digital Lock in Japan, as it is Small, Modern and Simplicity Design, Durable and Able to Install all types of HDB Main and Bedroom Doors


EPIC Things (2023 New Mobile App)

The simplest digital lock mobile app that’s suitable for everyone

Hence you are able to unlock your HDB Fire Rated Door and Gate using Bluetooth / Wi-Fi

  1. Burglar Alarm and Push Notification when someone tried to enter your house and failed (New Features)
  2. Push Notification for all types of Entry
  3. Guest Invitation
  4. Time Zone Restriction
  5. Send one time Password Remotely

2nd Edition Motherboard

(Increases the reading speed and life span of digital lock)

All the EPIC 5G Digital Lock that is produced in 2023 have improve the motherboard from 8 bits to 16 bits

Liang Si Mei Choice of Digital Lock in 2019-2020

Top 3 Best Selling EPIC Smartphone Digital Lock Since 2017-2023

Only a popular digital lock can last in the market for 7 years

In 2023, EPIC have enhance the motherboard and improve the EPIC mobile app features to reserve this signature design

EPIC 5G Digital Lock is the only digital lock in Singapore that is able to honour up to 5 years warranty as it has been in the market for 7 years

EPIC 5G Satin Gold Gate Door Digital Lock

(1st Place)

EPIC 6G Dual Fingerprint Gate lock
In Satin Gold (Luxurious)

Front View

(2nd Place)

EPIC 5G Digital Door Lock
In Space Grey (Signature Model)

EPIC Gold Card Gate Door Digital Lock

(3rd Place)

EPIC Gold Card Door Lock
Affordable and Durable


EPIC 24K Gold Platted Digital Lock (Limited Edition)

EPIC 24K Gold Platted Digital Lock is the most luxurious digital lock ever made in Korea, design for the Dubai distributor of EPIC

8 Grams of 24K gold were spray on top of the digital lock through 3 layers of gold coating

EPIC 24K Gold Platted PRO Digital Lock-2
EPIC 24K Gold Platted Gate Digital Lock
EPIC 5G (Horizontal) (HDB / Condo Door)

Horizontal Lockset, is able to install majority of the door

Modification might occur

  1. Cutting of door pattern if the door is not flat
EPIC 5G pro Back

Vertical Lockset, Suitable for

  1. Door Pattern Stick out of the door
  2. Pull Handle for condo is too close to the door
  3. Door with glass at the center

Hook Lockset, suitable for sliding door You can consider the EPIC 5G Pro Hook Digital lock

First Dual Fingerprint

The Latest EPIC 6G Gate Digital Lock can replaces the Gate Mechanical Lock perfectly.

From outside of the house you can enter using the 6 Methods:

  1. 100 fingerprints
  2. Up to 20 cards
  3. Password
  4. Bluetooth
  5. WIFI (Add $50 for WIFI Bridge)
  6. Key from the back unit

Unlock from inside the house (4 methods):

  2. Mechanical Keys x 2
  3. Bluetooth
  4. Wi-Fi Optional ($50 Wi-Fi bridge)

EPIC 24K Gold Platted Dual Fingerprint Gate Lock


EPIC 6G Dual Fingerprint Gate Lock – Satin Gold

EPIC 6G Dual Fingerprint Gate Lock-3

EPIC 6G Dual Fingerprint Gate Lock – Space Grey


EPIC Card Gate Lock – Satin Gold


Get the Latest EPIC Satin Gold Digital Lock for your
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Liang Si Mei Kato 4D Gate

Liang Si Mei Kato 4D Gate

Liang Si Mei EPIC Satin Gold Push Pull Lock

Liang Si Mei EPIC Satin Gold Push Pull Lock


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EPIC 5G Digital Lock

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EPIC 5G PRO Digital Lock

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Basic Function EPIC Digital Lock with 1 Year Warranty
(2013 – 2023 Models)

For HDB Door

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