Smart Hanger X5S Laundry System


Smart Hanger X5S Laundry System


  • 45kg Bearing Weight

  • Extend

  • Fan

  • 5 Pole

  • Hot Air

  • UV Disinfection

  • Work Quietly


  • Smart Hanger with App or Voice (Optional Module) control
  • PTC Quick Hot/Cold Air Dryer protects your clothes and reduces your need for ironing.
  • Ultraviolet lights used to thoroughly remove stubborn bacteria from all clothing and eliminate allergens. UV light safety function prevents unwanted UV rays on user
  • Bacteriostatic rate > 99.99%
  • Pole length extension from 2200mm to 2450mm.
  • Up to 45 kg load-bearing weight. You can hang duvets, clothes and many other kinds of laundry at one go.
  • Noise reduction and silent environment for your family.
  • LED panel light that is environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.
  • ES electronic security system that ensures safety while bringing convenience.
  • Free five years warranty.


LED Power: 10
Power Consumption: 900W
Dimension : L: 950mm / W: 310mm / H: 85mm
Pole Length: 1700
Lifting Height: 1200/1600/2400
Machine Weight: 13kg
Product Colour: Space Gray

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