Philips Easy Key 708 VP Digital Lock (Wi-Fi Enable)


$1,299.00 $1,199.00

Unique Selling Point

The Philips 708 VP Digital Lock have a door viewer feature and camera in front to allow you to view whose outside before unlock the door

However do take not, if you have a mild steel HDB gate, the gate might block the camera which make this function useless

Suitable for BTO or Condo where there is no metal gate to obstruct at the front

  • Philips-708

    Philips 708 VP Digital Lock is Able to Unlock HDB Main Door using Wi-Fi

  • After visitor press the doorbell, you will receive a push notification from Philips 708 VP Digital Lock

  • Kids are able to view whose outside after pressing the door viewer feature

  • Philips 708 VP Digital Lock will automatically lock your door after you close it

  • Unlock Philips 708 VP Digital Lock using fingerprint, pin, card or mechanical key

Product desciption

  • Product name: Philips 708VP
  • Product gross weight: 6.0kg
  • Product origin: Mainland China
  • Applicable door type: interior door, security door
  • Unlock method: APP, temporary password, password, credit card, key, semiconductor fingerprint
  • Additional functions: false cover alarm, door open reminder, home-leaving linkage mode, silent mode, anti-test opening alarm, anti-prying alarm, anti-hijacking alarm, anti-theft mode, battery replacement reminder, real-time capture, video intercom
  • Suitable door thickness: ≤35mm, 35-60mm (inclusive), 60-90mm (inclusive)
  • Opening direction: Universal
  • Overlord lock body or not: non-overlord lock body
  • Lock body type: automatic lock body
  • Whether to support heaven and earth hook: does not support heaven and earth hook
  • Door opening method: sliding door
  • Lock cylinder level: C-level lock cylinder
  • Power type: lithium battery
Panel material Zinc alloy
Maximum Fingerprint Capacity 99 pieces
Center distance 60mm
data storage type online storage
Minimum suitable door thickness 38mm
Maximum number of dummy password digits 20 bits
surface treatment Brushed Nickel
Maximum password capacity 20 groups
Product Weight 3kg
Maximum suitable door thickness 120mm