Orlant – Smart Hanger Model X5S


Orlant – Smart Hanger Model X5S

Product Description

Smart Hanger Model X5S

The brand-new version with the most all-rounded functions.


Aseptic Drying In Hygienic Zoning

  • New upgrades with the towel hanger
  • Separating socks from the others when drying for hygiene
  • Get rid of unpleasant smell by natural drying
  • Intelligent dehydration
  • Medical level sterilization
  • Five poles in 3-dimensional position

Safe and Quiet

  • Bounce back when facing obstacles
  • Silent operation
  • 5 layers of protection

Visible Function Monitor

  • Lighting
  • Hot air drying
  • Wind drying
  • Sterilizing

PTC Heater

The 360° Powerful Air Circulation goes through the fabric, and brings the unpleasant smell away.


  • Model: X5S
  • LED Power: 10W
  • Power Consumption: 900W
  • Load Capacity: <45KG
  • Host Dimension: L: 950mm | W: 310mm | H: 85mm
  • Pole Length: Extendable from 1143mm to 1743mm
  • Lifting Height: 1200mm / 1600mm / 2400mm
  • Product Color: Space Gray