I Gate Motion DoorBell (Free Chime for DoorBell)


$299.00 $199.00

Wi-Fi Motion Detection Intercom – I Gate (MDL) Using Tuya Smartphone APP

Product Description

If you happen to install a privacy gate which will block the view of the door viewer

Then you can consider getting this Wi-Fi motion detection intercom, I Gate

I Gate allows you to view the corridor at a clear picture without worrying the block of view

Instead of recording the motion detection where there is a movement, the records will be stored in the memory card as well

It will continue to record until the memory is overwrite, otherwise you can purchase cloud service to store the data onto the server

Once the visitor presses the door bell, the chime will sound on your house and your phone will receive a push notification for you to communicate with the visitor outside

Then you can unlock the EPIC digital lock using your smartphone