EPIC Japan Glass Digital Lock (Card and Pin)

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$499.00 $350.00

EPIC Japan Glass Digital Lock
(Card and Pin) – 1+2 Years Warranty

The First EPIC Glass Digital Lock (No Drilling Required)

EPIC Glass Digital Lock, does not required any drilling to be done onto the glass door

EPIC Glass Digital Lock is commonly installed onto commercial office , retail shop and shop houses.

If you want to design a small office in your HDB, you can consider installing the EPIC glass digital lock onto the glass door

In future, you are able to transfer to your new office with $100 labor charge, as we need to UN install and install over the new office

Most of the clinic, shop house and office, chooses this glass digital lock

EPIC Glass Digital Lock, is installed in SMRT Feedbacks office as well


  1. Program up to 20 RFID cards, 4 given
  2. Password
  3. One time password
  4. Remote Control (Optional)

1+2 Years Warranty

For Parts and Labor warranty against manufacturing defects

Additional Remote Control at $60 Only , Buy 2 Get 1 Free

EPIC Glass Digital Lock can program up to 5 remote control, for office you can unlock the glass digital lock when you have guest press your intercom

For Landed Property, Outdoor Office, Construction Office Aluminium Glass Door

For Aluminium Glass (Swing or Sliding Door)

The trident glass digital lock can also be installed for you

However, you need to inform us in advance so that we can prepare some special tools for this installation

Product introduction

unlocking with passcode

Unlocking with an IC card

Unlocking from inside the room

EPIC Glass Digital Lock is suitable for most office, retail shop, study room

It can be installing for most glass swing door be it single or double leaf, without drilling any holes as we will just clip onto the existing glass door

A Remote control can be added at $60 for you to unlock your glass door from a far distance (10m) remotely

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