EPIC 8G Japan Smartphone Gate Digital Lock



EPIC 8G Face Recognition –
Tokyo Sakura Pink Leather Smartphone
Digital Lock

EPIC have selected some of the most popular leather colour in the branded goods industry.

If you are building an interior designer HDB fire rated main door with us, you can consider this limitededition colour, only display in our My Digital Lock Museum and Expo only.

8 Top Features for EPIC 8G Designer Gate Digital Lock

  1. Unlock using Face Recognition
  2. Receive Push Notification after you unlock.
  3. After you unlock the EPIC 7G gate lock, the door will unlock.
  4. Time Zone
  5. 100 Fingerprint
  6. Password / One time password
  7. Unlock Remotely using WIFI / Bluetooth / 4G / 5G
  8. Synchronize unlock 5G / 7G /8G Gate lock

Powerful Mobile App link with Face Recognition

After you unlock the EPIC 8G Gate lock using face recognition, you will receive a push notification instantly.

It is able to unlock the EPIC 5G, 7G and 8G Smart door lock after the gate lock was unlock