EPIC 7G Designer Door Digital Lock – Summer Orange


$999.00 $450.00

EPIC 7G Designer Door Digital Lock – Summer Orange

EPIC 7G Designer Door Lock – Summer Orange comes with calf leather design print

Because in most branded bags and accessories, they will always have this orange in their collection

We have spent 5 years to develop this colour and texture so that you can have a digital lock with leather design and yet water proof

I have personally owned a HERMES orange leather belt and I have worn it for almost 10 years. That is the reason why we develop this digital lock

Also, the back unit of the digital lock is vertical rim, therefore after the installation, lesser modification is required. Especially for condo, the back unit will not block your pull handle

EPIC is the first company that develop such digital lock in the market

7 Top Features for EPIC 7G Designer Digital Lock


  1. Unlock Remotely using WIFI / Bluetooth / 4G / 5G
  2. Receive Push Notification after you unlock
  3. After you unlock the EPIC 7G gate lock, the door will unlock
  4. Time Zone
  5. 100 Fingerprint
  6. Program up to 20 cards (4 given)
  7. Password / One time password