Smart Hair Dryer


Healthier, Faster, Smarter Drying

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Tineco MODA ONE™ features iLoop™ smart sensor technology. It’s the only hair dryer that senses hair moisture and auto adjusts heat and airflow for fast drying without damage from excessive heat.

iLoop™ Smart Sensor

Powerful Suction

Powerful Motor

Smart Heat & Airflow Control

Ion Optimization

Smart App Integration

Custom Styling


Smart Sensors Auto-Adjust for Shinier,
Healthier Hair

Leading independent testing and certification organization SGS confirms MODA ONE™ improves hair health. MODA ONE™ produces millions of negative ions that close the hair cuticle, protecting it from damage and increasing overall shine.

iLOOP Smart Sensor Technology

Intelligent humidity and proximity sensors work together to deliver the perfect amount of heat the hair, reducing damage from over-drying.

Smart Hair Moisture Detection

Automatically controls damaging heat and optimizes airflow for a healthier and faster drying experience.

LED Light Ring Displays Drying Status

Colored iLoop LED light ring on the dryer provides real-time drying feedback and automatically changes from red to blue to indicate when hair is wet or dry and prevents over-drying.

sBlue Light

sRed Light

Gentler air flow and cooler temperatures reduce over drying, protects scalp, and sets styles as the hair dries.

Ion Optimization for Increased Manageability, Protection & Shine

Unique anion concentration technology releases millions of ions as hair dries for increased manageability, protection, and shine.

Your Experience with Multiple

Customize Your Experience with Multiple Drying Modes via App

Connect to the Tineco/com/my App to access more pre-programmed modes like manual, cool, kid, pet.

  • AUTO Mode
  • Manual Mode
  • Cool Mode
  • Styling Mode
  • Pet Mode
  • Kids Mode

Attachments for Different Styling Needs

Styling Concentrator

Styling Concentrator

Precise airflow directed at specific areas to style and quickly dry the hair.



Disperse airflow and dry your curls more evenly and gently while preventing frizz.

Smoothing Nozzle

Smoothing Nozzle

Softer, gentler airflow to dry and smooth the hair.