Our Sales Experience with EQUES
(Do not buy for your own good)

(Be it local agent or from Direct CHINA)

You may check with any digital lock seller to promise you the below 3 points and written down in invoice before purchase with them, if they can promise you, you can be safe to purchase from them

1. Server inconsistent issue (Very Often)

Sometimes you are unable to view who’s outside at certain times due to server down and you can only wait for them to refresh or update the server

2. Battery consumption issue

Every 1 week or less, you need to charge it, even after change batteries also will have the same problem

3. Screen black out after 1 year

Basically, all door viewer only carries 1 year warranty, and EQUES door viewer have 98% high chance spoil after 1 year

After we retail for 3 years, we will stop following our competitors to stop the sales to protect our reputation

WIFI Motion Detection Door Viewer Sale!

MDL Motion Digital Door Viewer

$ 450.00 $ 399.00
Budget Digital Door Viewer Sale!

Top 4 Best Solution for Digital Door Viewer for HDB in 2023

1st Recommendation $399

I Bell – Big Screen with High Resolution

The best quality digital door viewer In the market

2nd Best Recommend $199

I Gate – Install onto wall or HDB gate

for cases where the digital door viewer were block by the gate
(Comes with Free Chimes for a louder Door Bell)

MDL Motion Digital Lock

3rd Choice $299

MDL Digital Door viewer is an affordable digital doorbell with all the Features you need
(The screen is smaller than I Bell)

Budget Digital Door Viewer

Budget Choice $80

Just for you to view who’s outside in colour under the small screen

Free Installation of Digital Door Viewer with any purchase of Digital Lock

Otherwise, we will charge $30 for transportation

All Digital door viewer comes with

1 year warranty

I BELL Replace EQUES Motion Door Viewer in 2023

My Digital Lock have suffered a huge lost after selling EQUES motion digital door viewer and because of this product, we have damaged our reputation for 3 years

Therefore, we have OEM our digital door viewer from the most famous digital door viewer factories in CHINA and purchase a server to ensure the door viewer can be view using mobile app at all times

I Bell at $399

For HDB Main Door 2023
(The Best Motion Door Viewer in SG)

Currently, this is the nicest motion detection door viewer you can find in Singapore which the healthiest battery life span and mobile app usage

The wide angel allows you to have a clearer picture of what’s happening outside your house

Premium combination (EPIC 7G with MDL Door viewer)

Away From Home
Real Time Mobile Phone
Normal Naked Eye Viewer
Make Installation
I GATE for HDB Mild Steel Gate

I GATE for HDB Mild Steel Gate
(Video Intercome with Chime)

If you have installed a privacy gate, it is impossible for your door viewer to view outside

Therefore, you can install this video door bell beside your gate digital lock to view your corridor in realtime

A door chime will be included for you to install inside your house for the ring to notify you whenever there is a visitor

MDL Motion Digital Door Viewer $299

One of the most affordable digital door viewers which is reliable

And it carries all the features you need

Highly recommended

Budget Digital Door Viewer $80

Just for you to view who’s outside in colour screen

Small screen but enough to view who’s outside

Able to take some basic photo