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My Digital Lock have a equip with a series of WI-FI Smartphone Door viewer with motion detection

We will provide a 3-meter wire for you to charge every week

Most Singapore HDB Owner will purchase one of the WI-FI smartphone door viewer to monitor any stranger passing by their house to steal their shoes or clothes hang outside their house

1 Year Warranty On Site

Unlike other digital lock companies whom got the door viewer from a distributor, MY DIGITAL LOCK covers the warranty ourselves

BEWARE: For all door viewer companies in Singapore, when your smartphone EQUES door viewer is faulty, they will ask you to uninstall yourself, bring to their shop to repair and you have to return to their shop 1 week later to collect back and install back yourself

After many serious cases, My Digital Lock have decided to cover the warranty on site unlike other digital lock company,

Therefore, please continue to support us so that our team can continue to provide you with a responsive service