2022 Best Selling Philips Digital Lock 9300 in Gold
(Free Wi-Fi Bridge)

Amongst all the Philips Digital Lock the 9300 is the best seller in Singapore as it is the first digital lock that uses gorilla glass

The gorilla glass add durablility and beauty as it is more reflective to light

On top of that, you can unlock Philips 9300 using Wi-Fi using the philips mobile app

A lot of owners are looking for this model and they are looking for gold color, therefore we have import to install onto HDB main door and condo main door

2023 New Philip Digital Lock 709 VP with
(Door Viewer Feature + Build In Wi-Fi Bridge)

The Philips 708 VP Digital Lock is newly launch that comes with a door viewer feature and Wi-Fi

Hence, you can view whose outside using your mobile phone

Capture the strangers who walk pass your Corridoor (Consume Battery!!)

Able to chat with the visitor, After they press the doorbell

Generate One time password Using Mobile APP

Touch Open Sensor

Bring Philips Digital Lock into My Digital Lock (1+2 Years Warranty)

In 2023, My Digital Lock have brought in Philips Digital Lock from CHINA and will cover 1+2 years warranty by ourselves

We will import those new and latest Philips digital lock model that local distributor does not carry to make a difference

As Philips will launch new model every year

Best Selling New Philips Digital Lock Model in 2023

Philips Easy Key 9300 Gold Digital Lock (WI-FI Enable) Sale!
Philips Easy Key 708 VP Digital Lock (WI-FI Enable) Sale!