MIDAS Digital Lock

The Most Popular Feature for HDB users from $899
(Syscronize Unlock)

Unlock HDB Door and Gate within 1 touch in 1 second with MIDAS Push pull lock and Midas Crystal Gate lock

2023 Nicest Korea Push Pull Lock
(Small and Powerful)

Midas has produce one of the nicest Korean digital lock with the pearl painting in gold and silver

The Cheapest Korean Digital Lock in SG
with 1 + 2 years warranty

If you need a simple and nice digital lock with basic function with no mobile app, Midas is your only choice

Further Discount $50 Per digital lock to down grade to
1 year warranty

Get Midas Crystal Door and Gate lock at $699
with 1+2 Years Warranty

Once you unlock the gate, the door lock will unlock in 1 second

Midas Crytal Gate Lock

With Dual Fingerprint + Free Remote Control

Midas Crystal Door Lock in Hook

Suitable for Swing and Sliding door

Cheapest Korean Digital Lock Replacement at $450

MIDAS Retro Mortise lock equip with all the basic function you need

We can replace it at $499 with 1+2 years warranty

Or less $50 discount to downgrade to 1 year warranty.

One of the cheapest lock replacements, you can find in Singapore which is reliable and responsive

Cheapest Korea Digital Lock

Gold ProGold Pro Sale!
Midas SliverMidas Sliver Sale!
Midas Crystal Dual Fingerprint Gate LockMidas Crystal Dual Fingerprint Gate Lock Sale!
Midas Crystal Door Lock Sale!
Midas Retro Mortise LockMidas Retro Mortise Lock Sale!

MIDAS Retro Mortise Lock (4 in 1)

$ 799.00 $ 499.00