Kaadas X Lamborghini & Epic 6G Gate Digital Lock
Epic 24K Platted and Kadaas X Lamborghini Digital Lock
Kaadas X Lamborghini and Epic 7G Fingerprint Gate Digital Lock

In 2021, My Digital Lock have work with Kaadas X Lamborghini, to match with our EPIC most luxurious 24K gold platted gate digital lock

My Digital Lock only choose the best digital lock in the market to carry as we strongly believe these 2 digital lock will create a perfect match in terms of design

You may visit our showroom today to design the nicest HDB Designer Main Door and Gate to match these 2 luxurious digital lock in Singapore


The EPIC 24K Gold Platted Gate lock is one of the nicest and most premium dual fingerprint gate lock that is capable to match with The Legend

Even though the Kaadas X the legend does not have any smartphone features, you may use the EPIC 24k Gold Platted Gate lock to unlock using bluetooth or wifi

Then issue the one time password for THE LEGEND for your visitors to enter your house when you are away from home


Landed and Condo Installation for Lamborghini Push Pull Digital Lock

Landed and Condo Installation
Landed and Condo Installation -2
Landed and Condo Installation -3

HDB Installation with New Doors

HDB Installation with New Doors
HDB Installation with New Doors-2
HDB Installation with New Doors-3
HDB Installation with New Doors-4
HDB Installation with New Doors-5
HDB Installation with New Doors-6

My Digital Lock Review

Kaadas Lamborghini Push Pull Digital Lock is the most expensive digital lock so far in the market

It is also a limited edition collection as it have already stopped production

Therefore, not everyone is able to own such a luxrious digital lock

On top of that, only our EPIC 24k gold platted gate lock is capable to match with this push pull digital lock in terms of colour and design