Epic 6G Dual Fingerprint Gate digital lock is the latest gate digital lock in Singapore

Instead of unlock using remote control from inside, now you can unlock by scanning the fingerprint

My Digital Lock have invent this gate digital lock to make it more convenient for our users

Epic 6G Gate Digital lock comes in 24k Gold Platted , Satin Gold and Space Grey

We are going to feature the other 2 color in the below blog spot

After launching after circuit break from the convid 19, everyone rushes to My Digital Lock showroom to purchase this master piece

Besides the dual fingerprint gate digital lock, we also retail the normal EPIC 5G Pro Gate Lock

The previous version uses the remote control or RFID card to scan at the back unit to unlock the HDB gate

Also after a long rest from circuit break, we have develop many nice design HDB Gate to match with our latest gate digital lock

The golden panda wrought iron gate is one of the nicest HDB Gate we have installed for this month

With a nice and modern digital lock, this project looks perfect =)

Besides HDB, we also manufacture Condo gate as shown below

therefore if you are a condo user, do call us to manufacture the Gate and install an EPIC 6G Dual fingerprint gate digital lock today

Ok, if you think digital lock is expensive and dont mind unlock using password or RFID card

You can consider our Epic Satin gold cared digital lock package from $599

These are the most popular digital lock for HDB BTO Door and gate because our EPIC Satin gold digital lock matches perfectly

Otherwise, for condo and resale HDB FIre rated main door ,

You can also consider getting the satin gold digital lock

I believe the design of the digital lock is very important

In My Digital Lock, we would highly recommend our customer to change their HDB Main Door with us

Because only the new door, matches with our digital lock perfectly

A small investment will change the entire entrance


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