In My Digital Lock, majority of the customers would prefer the push pull digital lock as it is the latest design in the digital lock industry

As traditional digital lock or mechanical lock involve a lever handle for you to press down and push into the house

With the push and pull motion, it allows you to unlock your HDB door with minimum effort

Therefore many Korean or CHINA companies is massively producing the push pull digital lock and mostly look very similar

That is why, we have build our push pull digital lock very uniquely and matches well with the HDB Gate digital lock

Not only the design but the colour as well

in 2020, you cannot find any digital lock with similar colour , same brand and matchable design for your door and gate digital lock

Also different brand digital lock will make your door and gate look weird

After getting the nicest digital lock in the market, the next product you will be looking for a ideal HDB Door and Gate

In My Digital Lock, we customize the HDB door and gate carefully to make this project as powerful as possible

The main entrance will impress your neighbor and guest which will bring us more business in the future

Therefore our company is improving in our digital lock and door design

In order to keep up with the competitiveness in the digital lock market



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