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Unlock Both Epic Digital Lock using a remote control / Video i...

Unlock Epic digital lock for HDB door and gate by using 1 remote control / Video Intercom 1. Epic 2 way + Epic gate digital lock $749 2. Epic 809l + Epic gate digital lock $999 3. Epic 8000l + Epic gate digital lock $1199 4. Video Intercom +8m wiring $599 ( $150 for extra 15m) These package comes with 1 remote control Every 10 share we will give one extra remote control with purchase of any promotion package (up to 5 remote control) All epicdigitallock comes with 1+2 year warranty Call Roger and get the door and gate in 7 days, 90677990 www.mydigitallock.com.sg 2 Yishun Industrial Street 1 #05–10 #EPICDIGITALLOCK #EPIC8000L #EPICPOPSCAN #MYDIGITALLOCK #SAMSUNGDIGITALLOCK #GATEMANDIGITALLOCK #HDBDIGITALLOCK #BULKPURCHASE #Fireratedhdbdoor #veneerHDBmaindoor #laminatefirerateddoor #firerateddoor #veneerbedroomdoor #hdbmaindoor #hdbbedroomdoor #hdbfirerateddoor #veneerdoor #hdblaminatedoor #yalegatemangatedigitallock #wroughtirongatedigitallock #hdbdoor #bedroomdoor

Posted by My Digital Lock Pte Ltd on Tuesday, February 21, 2017



MY DIGITAL LOCK, Best Selling EPIC Digital Lock Promotion.

Now you can unlock both door and gate digital lock by using a remote control

The EPIC Remote Control is small and portable, easy to carry and can program up to 5 pieces

You may include Epic intercom to unlock both your HDB Door and HDB Gate at once

MY DIGITAL LOCK, Affordable EPIC Digital Lock package for HDB Fire Rated Door and HDB Gate in Singapore

Using Card or password for your HDB door with the combination of EPIC Gate Digital Lock

Now you can unlock both using one card

MY Digital Lock, Premium Package for both EPIC bestselling fingerprint digital lock

EPIC Popscan digital lock will be my personal top choice to install on my HDB Fire Rated Door and Yale Gateman Z10 Gate Digital Lock for my HDB Gate in Singapore

Samsung Push Pull Digital Lock is one of the best seller in 2016, now we have HIONE Digital lock from Korea which have all the 4 in 1 function at affordable price

HIONE Push pull fingerprint digital lock is suitable for all BTO HDB Door and Condo

Cheapest HDB Door and HDB Gate Promotion with Purchase of EPIC Digital Lock

Latest Veneer Main Door can match with our veneer bedroom door series

Cheapest HDB Fire Rated Door only needs to top up $350 and top up $400 to upgrade to 4x7 feet

EPIC Fingerprint digital lock is fire rated tested in Korea and very popular in Singapore

Samsung Digital Lock install for HDB Door and HDB Gate in Singapore

Fire Rated Door , top up $350 which is highly recommend

EPIC CARD Digital Lock for HDB Door and Gate is currently our best seller

As now you can unlock both using one remote control

EPIC Remote control at $60 and program up to 5 pieces

Veneer Door for HDB Main Door matches perfectly with the HIONE Push Pull Digital Lock

HDB Gate are customize to install Yale Gateman Z10 Gate Digital Lock in Singapore

Samsung P728 digital lock is our best-selling digital lock in 2016

The correct veneer door will make this project look awesome

Veneer Bedroom Door and Toilet slide and swing are door factory price

Now you entitle a discount when you purchase our EPIC N Touch digital lock