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Clearance Sales for Basic Function Gateman Digital Lock
  • 1. Gateman F20 and Z10 Digital lock are the best selling and popular fingerprint digital lock since 2014
  • 2. We are doing a clearance sale and offer to match all price to clear the digital lock away
  • 3. As majority are looking to purchase the EPIC 5G Smartphone digital lock at $450 with 1+2 years warranty with more feature, mobile app unlocks and new lockset


Note: Gateman Digital Lock surface are not weather proof and will be tarnish if expose to rain.
  • 1. This is not cover under warranty as the digital lock is still functional, just the appearance of the digital lock will be affected
  • 2. Hence, EPIC Digital Lock 5G Series do not use the chrome or shinny material when construct the digital lock







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