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Nika Fire Resistance Safe
1 Hr Fire Test at 1000°C
Operation: Electronic + Key
Master key override feature
1 personal password
1 Master key and 2 user keys
Access Code: 4-16 digits
External battery load feature
Time lock when wrong code entered
Able to withstand drop from 9.1m
Industrial Awards & Certifications
Locking Bolt: 2
Drawer: 1
Color: White / Black
Exterior: H310 x W420 x D380
Interior: H204 x W314 x D236
Capacity: 15.12L
Weight: 37KG
Parts Replacement Programme
Free Delivery to ground / lift level
Made in Korea
2 years 24/7 warranty

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Korea Fire Resistance Safe NT310

In stock

Product code: Korea Fire Resistance Safe NT310

Fire Test

- 1 Hour Fire Test under 1000 Degree Celsius

Locking System

Electronic keypad + Key to open the safe

Master key override in case of emergency

1 Personal Password

4-16 digits per password

Comes with 1 Master and 2 user keys

System will shut down for 5 minutes in the case of 3 wrong entries

Country of Origin

Made in Korea

Product Features

External battery load to prevent being caught in no power situation

Battery lifespan is 2 years based on 5 opening per day

User key + password is needed to unlock the safe

A master key is provided for emergency unlock

External hinge allows after service to lengthen service life

24/7 Warranty

Parts replacement program

Awards & Certification

Awarded 2010 World Class Product

K.S Certified - Fire Resistance & Impact tested under KSG-4500 certified P-2TKS

UL Classified - Fire Resistance tested certified 1 hour by U.S.A

ISO9001 - Bureau Veritas Quality International, U.K

Russian Approval - Fire Resistance tested approved under Russian Fire Testing Rules and Regulations

SINTEF - Fire test according to NT Fire 017

CE - Conformite European on Digital Locks

Swedish Certified - Certified NT Fire 017

Drop Test

Able to withstand a drop from a height of 9.1 meter
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