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All 5G Smartphone Clearance Sales Mattress Door & Gate Others

#1 Best Selling Digital Lock in JAPAN, 100% Made in Korea

EPIC Digital Lock, is Modern, Slim and Easy to Use

My Digital Lock Specialise in EPIC, Gateman, HIONE and Samsung Digital Lock in Singapore

All HDB Fire Rated Main Door and HDB Mild Steel Gate are customize to install digital door lock cater to different demand

In 2017, MY DIGITAL LOCK have bring in 5 Star Hotel Mattress and provide Renovation and interior Design Services to provide a one stop solution for all BTO




My Digital Lock have been a dealer for Yale Digital Door Lock and Samsung Digital Door lock since 2012, at that time, most of the digital lock were not invented

The Founder of the company, is the first to develop the gate digital Door lock in Singapore

Despite all the effort put in to innovate this industry, our contribution were been neglect and forgotten

Therefore, in 2017, we finally became a distributor on our own, and hence we can innovate and customize all the digital door lock that cater your needs

We are developing a series of new digital door lock that is suitable for Singapore market and create the most outstanding door and gate to build our branding

Along the way, the process might be tough, but I believe, we can find the right group of people to operate this company

Training will be provided for sale, operation coordinator and installers, to ensure you receive the best digital lock in Singapore

Thanks for the support for many years, which allow us to gain more capital to grow this company to become the number 1 digital lock company in Singapore

In 2017, we hope to develop new digital lock to compete against Yale and Samsung, to become the leading digital lock company.