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My Digital Lock have took another step to venture into the interior design and renovation business

Many supporters whom came to our showroom were amazed by our interior design and the renovation products we carried

After all the encouragement and feedbacks, one of my good friends whom is an interior designer for more than 8 years have taken over the renovation department

Since 2016, we have completed up to 25 HDB, 5 condo and 2 retail shop project.

We do both major or partially renovation to cater to everyone needs

In 2017, our renovation showroom will be fully renovated to showcase our renovation theme together with many departments by end of March 2017

Do visit our showroom along with your floor plan to consult our designer directly, also you may compare a few companies after receive our free quotation



 One Last Hope Interior aim to provide a one stop solution for your Renovation needs.
Our Interior Designer has more than 8 years of experiences, to prevent you from disappointment

We are a group of youngster whom took up entrepreneurship and learn everything from scratch to deliver our product and services

Visit our showroom today, to see the latest renovation product or ideas in Singapore






Why we name our renovation company as, ONE LAST HOPE INTERIOR?

Since 2010, I have been across many houses to market our digital lock, door and gate. However, I saw many home owners got conned by the interior designer by the hidden price or maybe they under quote the renovation project

Hence when the design has a problem due to coordination, these designers will flee away as they will suffer more loses if they continue

Therefore, when you are stuck in this situation and nobody wants to carry on your renovation works, you may approach us for assistance.

MY DIGITAL LOCK will try our best to complete your unfinished project together with our team with the remaining budget you have

Sometimes doing business is about the satisfaction and not just profit

If you visit our Showroom, you will understand what I meant



Unlike other renovation companies in Singapore, we do not showcase kitchen or living room only

We focus in your bedroom instead as this is the most important area in your home

In 2017, we customize our own mattress with Italy design, and the factory that produce the mattress OEM for many top hotels acorss the country

Therefore, if you want to experience good quality mattress that is been sold in top hotel with renovated bedroom design. Visit our showroom in 2017 end of march




In our Renovation and interior design showroom, besides mattress and bed head

We also have a curtain and blind department showcasing different curtain materials

Also we have the latest ultra slim window grill with aluminium window to match our curtain and blind, the showroom will be completed in 2017 end of march

We will be showcasing the latest curtain and blind in the market