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My Digital Lock have become the main distributor for EPIC Digital Lock since 2016

EPIC became very popular in Singapore, due to modern lock design, reliability and 3 years warranty

In 2018, My Digital Lock have manage to invite, Jack Neo, to become the Brand Ambassador for EPIC Digital Lock




Call us Today 98440884 and we will drive to your place

Then you can enter our Mobile Showroom to choose the suitable digital lock for your house


My Digital Lock Mall sells EPIC, Samsung, Gateman, HIONE and KEYWE Digital Lock

(100% Made in Korea)




Otherwise, you can visit our MY DIGITAL LOCK Showroom at YISHUN to view the full range of

1. Digital lock

2. HDB Door

3. HDB Gate

4. MY President Mattress




My Digital Lock, introduce EPIC, Yale Gateman, Samsung, and KEYWE Smartphone Digital Door Lock for HDB Fire Rated Door and HDB gate in Singapore

All EPIC, Yale Gateman and Samsung Digital Door Lock, can match perfectly with our Veneer Door and Laminate Fire Rated Door


EPIC Digital Lock is one of the Best-selling Digital Lock in Japan and 100% Manufacture in Korea



Mydigitallock selling epic8000l digital lock for HDB Fire Rated Door (4in1) The slimmest digital lock in Singapore...

Posted by My Digital Lock Pte Ltd on Thursday, February 2, 2017

My Digital Lock covers 1+2 Year warranty and servicing for all EPIC and KEYWE Smartphone Digital Door Lock

Yale Gateman and Samsung Digital Door Lock, comes with 1+1 Year Warranty only, warranty and services by the distributor




EPIC Fingerprint PUSH PULL Digital Door Lock, Best Selling in Japan and 100% Made in Korea


  • EPIC Push Pull Digital Door Lock uses the latest Fingerprint Air Touch Sensor
  • Air Touch Sensor, were used by all the smartphone today for high recognition of fingerprint and simple usage
  • Little force is required to push open the EPIC Push Pull Lock due to the curve and durable handle
  • EPIC Push Pull Triton Mortise Lockset went through a cycle test up to 100,000 opening, and we provide 3 years parts warranty for the lockset



EPIC Push Pull Digital Door Lock is the best selling digital lock across BTO, Resale HDB, EC and Condo in Singapore


Package 1 ( Epic Push Pull Digital Door Lock with EPIC Gate Digital Door Lock at $1099)

You can unlock both digital door lock using ONE pocket remote control or RFID Smartphone Sticker, besides password

You may Purchase an EPIC Video Intercom ($899 up to 15 metre wiring) at your living room, kitchen or bedroom, so when visitors press the door bell, you can press the EPIC video intercom to unlock both digital lock

Package 2 ( EPIC Push Pull Digital Lock with Gateman Z10 Gate Digital Door Lock at $1299)

The best seller package in MY DIGITAL LOCK, is to unlock both door and gate digital door lock using fingerprint,

Therefore, you can achieve a totally keyless solution,

Both EPIC Push Pull Digital Door Lock and Gateman Z10 Gate Digital Door Lock is extremely durable and 100% made in Korea


EPIC Japan Fingerprint Air Touch Digital Lock

Shafiq Introducing the latest EPIC Japan Popscan Air Touch at $489 Using the latest Japan fingerprint sensor in the market for customers whom have very thin fingerprint 1. One Second Response Time to Unlock 2. One Time Password 3. Scramble Code (Add additional number along with your password to confuse others) EPIC Popscan Air Touch + Gateman Z10 Gate Lock at $850 only U.P. $1089 We are aiming to deliver outstanding digital lock project across all hdb in Singapore All #epicdigitallock comes with 1+2 year warranty Call Shafiq 93227616 (24/7) speak English and Mandarin. www.mydigitallock.com.sg 2 Yishun industrial street 1 #05-10 #EPICDIGITALLOCK #EPIC8000L #EPICPOPSCAN #MYDIGITALLOCK #SAMSUNGDIGITALLOCK #GATEMANDIGITALLOCK #HDBDIGITALLOCK #BTOHDB #BULKPURCHASE #newdoor #hdbdoor #hdbmaindoor #firereatedoor #veneerdoor #latestdesing #singleaf #3x7ft #fireproof

Posted by My Digital Lock Pte Ltd on Wednesday, 10 May 2017


EPIC Popscan Air Touch Digital Lock, The Slimmest Fingerprint Rim Lock in Japan, 100% Made in KOREA



    For house keeper, or guest whom suddenly appear at your house

    Add security to password by adding extra numbers

    Other BRAND do charge if you forget about the master password


EPIC Popscan Air Touch Fingerprint Digital Lock is one of best selling rim digital door lock for BTO HDB, Resale HDB, EC, and Condo in Singapore 2017

The fingerprint sensor is similar to the smartphone reader which is more accurate and user friendly

Unlike Gateman and other digital lock which still uses the swiping method which is not user friendly for elderly and kids, especially for users with fingerprint problem

Therefore, now EPIC Digital Door lock have make it more user friendly for everyone to use



EPIC POPSCAN Air Touch digital door lock can install beside the pull handle for condo door or at the small panel of the fire rated door as shown in the photo. We can install on both side, as you wish

EPIC Popscan Digital Door Digital Lock can install onto our Kato Pet’s Friendly Mesh Gate, so that others cannot put their hands through the mesh to unlock the back unit of the digital door lock

Currently, we are selling KATO Laser Cut Mesh Gate with EPIC POPSCAN Air Touch Digital Door Lock at $1280 for 3x7 Feet, $1380 for 4x7 Feet


Thank you for all your support to purchase Epic digital lock As the distributor of Epic digital lock in Singapore, we will do our best to uphold our reputation As the founder of My Digital Lock and the creater of gate digital lock since 2012 This year we have join forces with Epic New version of push pull, and gate digital lock will be invented to suit Singapore Market Since other brand always neglect our effort and contribution, we are going to keep these innovation ourselves Any feedback to improve in your digital lock, suggestions are welcome Now nobody can copy us and claim it belongs to them Hence, all our effort will be appreciated

Posted by My Digital Lock Pte Ltd on Friday, 24 March 2017


EPIC Gate Digital Door Lock – Triplex 2 Way

Affordable Keyless Solution for all BTO / Resale HDB Gate in Singapore

  • EPIC Gate Digital Door Lock uses RFID Sticker, Card or Password to access
  • The back unit is covered up by the Metal Bracket and unlock using a pocket remote controller
  • EPIC Gate Digital Door Lock comes with one time password for you to welcome the surprise guest
  • All types of HDB Gate can be customized to install



EPIC Gate Digital Door Lock can be install onto HDB Fire Rated Door and HDB Gate in Singapore

When EPIC Gate lock is install onto the HDB Fire rated Door, it will be position above the existing lock

Otherwise, you can purchase the EPIC 809L Card Mortise Digital Door Lock to replace the existing lock to match with the EPIC Gate Lock

When both brand uses epic, you can unlock both digital door lock using one pocket remote controller or RFID Sticker

EPIC Gate Digital Lock is one of MY DIGITAL LOCK, best selling digital door lock



KEYWE Smartphone Digital Lock in 2017 –

Unlock Digital Lock when you walk close to your door with your Smartphone

And receive a push Message instantly!!!


Latest Smartphone Digital Lock in Korea at $399(u.p. $499) 1. Smart Open when you walk near the lock 2. A push notification will receive 3. Time attendance 4. Able to invite users when you r not at home 5. Issue One time password with App No Wi-Fi, just download the app to connect to our server Design laminate door for Bedroom $429 Main door $799-999 Fire rated $1099-1499 Korea Gina lever Lock in black at $55 Call us to understand more about the smartphone lock Visit our showroom to customise your dream hdb door and gate All #epicdigitallock comes with 1+2 year warranty Call Shafiq 93227616 (24/7) speak English and Mandarin. www.mydigitallock.com.sg 2 Yishun industrial street 1 #05-10 #EPICDIGITALLOCK #EPICPOPSCAN #MYDIGITALLOCK #SAMSUNGDIGITALLOCK #GATEMANDIGITALLOCK #HDBDIGITALLOCK #BTOHDB #BULKPURCHASE #newdoor #hdbdoor #hdbmaindoor #firereatedoor #veneerdoor #latestdesing #singleaf #hdbdoor #hdbgate #firerateddoor #maindoor #bedroomdoor #veneerdoor #laminatedoor #digitallock #loghomedigitallock #smartdoorlock #keylesssolution #mydigitallock #newdoor #happycustomer

Posted by My Digital Lock Pte Ltd on Tuesday, 11 July 2017



(Authorise Distributor of KEYWE in Singapore 2017)

KEYWE, is the latest Smartphone digital lock with Push Message and Time Attandance in KOREA

If you need a digital lock to track your kids, maid and elderly, this is the perfect digital door lock for you



A. Smart Open

Unlock the Digital Lock when you walk near your door with smartphone (Bluetooth)



B. Push Message Receive Using 4G

A Push Message will be send to the master user, whenever visitor enters home

Therefore, you can monitor your kids or elderly when they returns



C. Invite Visitors when you are away from Home

They will be invited to unlock the digital lock, given the specific date and time


D. Time Attendance to Monitor your Love Ones

There is a log in details for you to refer to the history




Gateman Z10 Gate Digital Lock with HIONE PUSH PULL DIGITAL LOCK

My digital lock selling the latest gateman z10 gate digital lock with hione push pull fingerprint digital lock Gateman z10 gate digital lock uses the latest metallic hook to increase the durablilty $599 Hione push pull uses triple Bolt mortise for security and perfect replacement of old locks $799 Both digital lock covers with 1+2 year warranty by my digital lock Call shafiq 92220659 (24/7) speak English and Mandrian Www.mydigitallock.com.sg 2 Yishun industrial street 1 #05-10 #MYDIGITALLOCK #SAMSUNGDIGITALLOCK #GATEMANDIGITALLOCK #HDBDIGITALLOCK #BULKPURCHASE #newdoor #hdbdoor #hdbmaindoor #firereatedoor #veneerdoor #latestdesing #singleaf #3x7ft #fireproof

Posted by My Digital Lock Pte Ltd on Thursday, February 2, 2017


HIONE Push Pull Fingerprint Digital Door Lock in 2017
( Silver / Gold / Made in KOREA )


  • HIONE Push Pull Comes in Silver and Gold Colour to match all types of doors
  • HIONE Push Pull uses the latest Air Touch Fingerprint Sensor, same as EPIC
  • HIONE Push Pull Digital Door Lock uses Singapore Ledge as well for easy closing of door


HDB FIRE RATED Laminate Door Projects with HIONE Korea Push Pull Digital Lock






Gateman Z10 Iron Hook Digital Door Lock For HDB Gate and Fire Rated Door


Gateman Z10 Digital Lock is similar to Yale YDR 424 Deadbolt Lock

However, the front body of Gateman is more durable than Yale and Gateman Z10 Digital Lock is totally Keyless

In Singapore, MY DIGITAL LOCK is the only company that is able to install Gateman Z10 onto HDB Gate

Up to 200 Units of






EPIC JAPAN Glass Digital Door Lock – 100% Made in Korea


No Drilling and complete installation in 15 Minutes

$100 to shift to new location in the Future



MY DIGITAL LOCK have installed EPIC Japan Glass Digital Lock for SMRT Feedback’s Office

In 2017, we are introducing EPIC glass digital lock at affordable price for all office, commercial retail shop and residential study room in Singapore


Epic Japan glass digital lock at $399 (U.P. $599) Program up to 30 cards ( 4 given) One time password No drilling required for installation , completed in 15 minutes $100 transfer to a new location in future Suitable for All office, retail shop and home study room Can program up to 5 pocket remote at $60 each Visit our showroom to customise your dream hdb door and gate All #epicdigitallock comes with 1+2 year warranty Call Molly 88668884 (24/7) speak English and Mandarin. www.mydigitallock.com.sg 2 Yishun industrial street 1 #05-10#hdbdoor #hdbgate #firerateddoor #maindoor #bedroomdoor #veneerdoor #laminatedoor #digitallock #loghomedigitallock #smartdoorlock #keylesssolution #mydigitallock #andigitallock #newdoor happycustomer #gateman #fengshui #renovation #BTO #Resale

Posted by My Digital Lock Pte Ltd on Tuesday, 1 August 2017




EPIC Glass Digital Lock REPLACES Yale YDR 313 Glass Digital Door Lock at Affordable Price

EPIC Glass Digital Lock uses the same concept as the Yale Glass Digital Lock and can be unlock using a remote control

The remote control is selling at $60 each and can program up to 5. It is smaller and better



My Digital Lock has close relationship with the KOREA Digital Lock Companies to provide you with the latest digital lock available in the Market.



EPIC Digital Lock is very popular in Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Korea.

In Thailand, there are a total of 27 EPIC Retail shop throughout the country




MY DIGITAL Lock Provides 3 Year Warranty against Manufacturing Defects for :


• Gateman


1st Year Full Warranty (Parts + Labour)

2nd and 3rd Year Parts Warranty with $80 Transportation Charge

Additional 2 Year Parts Warranty at $120





  • Install Door Closer - Prevent Heavy Slamming to protect the digital lock motherboard
  • Use only Energizer and Duracell Battery - Maximum 4 only and all must be replaced together
    to prevent battery leakage
  • Bring the digital lock key out of your house- unlock the digital lock during emergency otherwise you
    can charge from outside using a 9V battery

Without all these 3 steps, your digital lock will definitely spoil in less than a
year and NO warranty will be issued by all companies.