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Gateman Z10 Gate Digital Lock
(Advance Mode)

When you program Gateman Z10 digital lock into advance mode, you need to be very careful.
Once you forgot the master password or miss any steps, you will have to purchase a new back
unit of a digital lock with cost $250 onwards
This apply to both Yale and Gateman Digital Lock

However, you will gain the function like
1. One time password
2. Delete individual password / fingerprint
3. 20 user password
4. Able to program up to 3 remote control as normal mode only allow one

1. Change Master Password

Gateman Z10 Digital Lock have master password to prevent other users to add in fingerprint or change password without the consent of the owner

2. Add / Delete User Password

Gateman z10 Digital lock allows you to delete individual fingerprint / user password

3. Add / Delete Fingerprint

Gateman Z10 Digital lock can allow you to program up to 20 fingerprint and delete individually

4. One time Password

Gateman Z10 digital lock allow one time password for you to set for guest, delivery man or house keeper

Hione Push Pull Digital Lock

The Hione Push Pull, programming is friendly, and comes with one time password

1. Set Password

Press number 1, and under password follow by *

2. Add Fingerprint

Adding fingerprint with the latest air touch fingerprint sensor in Korea

3. Delete card / fingerprint

Delete card / fingerprint will be easy and everything at one shot

Epic 8000L Fingerprint
Korea Digital Lock

Epic 8000L Fingerprint digital lock is one of the slimmest fingerprint mortise digital lock in the market
Also it is able to delete individual fingerprint or card without the owner coming back
For more Epic digital lock, enquire do let us know. We as the distributor will try our best to serve you

1. Change Master Password

This is to prevent stranger or guest to add their fingerprint without your consent or change away your password

2. Add / Delete Fingerprint

Other brand might require the guest to return to the lock in order to delete fingerprint

3. Add / Delete RFID Card

Adding up to 30 cards is extremely easy, as long as you remember the master password

4. One Time Password

This function is mainly for guest and maid

5. Adjust Volume , up / down

Other digital lock do not have this function

6. Delete Fingerprint / Card