Yale YDM 3109 Digital lock compare to EPIC ES 809L Card Mortise Digital Lock

Yale YDM 3109 digital lock used to be best selling model in 2013, as it replaces the previous batch of Yale digital lock which does not use touch screen

Scramble code was introduce at that time and it cost $1199 to purchase this premium lock

However, the width of the Yale YDM 3109 is not wide enough to cover the KOREA Gateman digital lock, samsung digital lock , Americian mortise and other digital lock

Therefore, the EPIC ES 809L RFID Card digital lock was introduce to settle the replacement of the Gateman and Samsung Digital lock

It would be great if your digital lock can be replace with other brand without leaving ugly scars after the replacement

Apart of replacement, both Yale YDM 3109 card digital lock and the EPIC ES 809L RFID Card digital lock both are equally reliable for a card mortise digital lock

The price of owning at Yale YDM 3109 card digital lock is $799 and EPIC ES 809L Card digital lock at $599 only

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