Yale YDM 4115 Fingerprint Digital lock Compare to EPIC EF 8000L Fingerprint Digital Lock

Yale YDM 4115 fingerprint digital lock was launch after Yale YDM 4109 Fingerprint digital lock

YALE YDM 4115 digital lock uses weather proof alloy which makes it more durable

The thickness from the door to digital lock handle is about 7.3cm

Even though it is a much newer model, majority of our customers still prefer to purchase Yale YDM 4109 fingerprint digital lock

EPIC EF 8000L Digital lock have card function more than Yale YDM 4115 digital lock and also it is much slimmer

More home owners prefer black digital lock as it can match the HDB Door colour easier

It is price at the Same price as EPIC EF 8000L Digital lock at $799