Many May thought this is veneer but actual fact that it is laminated Door, and with 3D Surface

On top of that, it is waterproof and scratch resistance

No need to vanish over the years and easily maintain, many more laminate samples have arrvied for you to select and test out 

The UV Door we carried are not only just veneer but it is readied sprayed, hence dont need to vanish

Also it is full solid and sound resistance is better compared to the previous hollow door

With a match up of the NIKA Japan Black Handle, the door will look awesome and simple


Otherwise, you can install the Yale 3109 or any other digital lock onto the new door and get a simple gate to match

However do know, if possible get the digital lock onto the gate first 

So that we can weild the digital lock portion for future upgrade

Also more modification were added to perfect the installation, check out our website , facebook or our staff for any new update