My Digital Lock selling Samsung P728 Digital Lock , Samsung P718 Digital Lock and Samsung P920 Digital Lock and the 3 push pull digital lock sold across the market

Samsung P718 Push Pull Digital Lock is launch in 2014 December, it looks better than the P728 digital lock in my opinion

Samsung P718 digital lock have 30 different password or card unlike the new Samsung P728 digital lock which only have one password

However Samsung P718 gold or silver digital lock have stop production hence, you are unable to find it in KOREA Anymore, the korea version is call the P910


MY Digital lock only sell Samsung P728 Push Pull Digital Lock in 2017 onwards


Samsung P728 digital lock is local set sold by the local distributor

Besides it is in English version, it is able to connect or unlock using bluetooth function

Note: the bluetooth can be only be used within 5m of the digital lock

If you are outside and wish to unlock, you need to get a home automation and run wires by MY DIGITAL LOCK, it may cost up to $1800 onwards

The improve version compared to Samsung P718 digital lock is that, the handle is much rounder for users to push in and pull out more easily



Samsung P728 Digital lock English Version