Samsung SHP 708 / DR 900 Digital Lock for Landed Property Main Door in Singapore at $1240 Only Unlock using WI-FI , (Smartphone) Call 90677990 By My Digital Lock 


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    Samsung Shp 708 digital lock installed onto a landed property main door by My Digital Lock 

    The most expensive Korea Digital Lock in Singapore 2019

    The 2019 latest Wi-Fi Smartphone Digital lock by Samsung selling at $1240 (U.P. $1380)
    The most expensive digital lock in Singapore
    Five Greatest Features 
    1. Mechanical Keys x2 
    2. Unlock using Wi-Fi
    3. 100 fingerprint 
    4.. Password
    Mobile app Features 
    A) Time attendance 
    B,) Invite guest give guest code
    Able to delete individual fingerprint and card 
    With 1+2 years warranty
    Now you can unlock using 4G smartphone with 

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