My Digital Lock was set up in 2012, at that time i was about to enlisted into National Services

My previous boss, took away my previous Digital Lock E commerce Business from me as i could no longer help him to operate the business anymore

However, many of my competitors, friends and adults in this industry recognize about my presents They gave me credit terms and the installers work on credit terms when i was in Army

Because of these group of friends, this company is able to grow as it is today.

My Aim to build this company, is to gather a group of friends to work and start this entrepreneurship together

Most importantly is to be fair to each players whom join me

Every door , gate and digital lock they installed, i will never forget their contribution

Sadly, after the business pick up, stress arise. Many of the pioneers whom cannot handle the stress left

However, some still stay on and fight with the rest and groom new players

IN 2017, we have gather a group of youngsters, and aiming to train them this whole year in workmanship and experience in handing customers to uphold the reputation

After Chinese New year, we will go back to all our customers in 2016, to touch up whatever we owe the rest of our supporters.

We will not do any expansion but to improve our quality in 2017


A promise i made, and i want each of our installers to feel proud to be in this company