Lets do a comparison between a few different types of gate in Singapore

1. Kato invented in 2015

2. Mild steel trend in 2014

3. Wrough iron trend in 2013



Kato Gate, mostly youngster whom dare to take up challenging design

Which looks perfect in your neighbourhood





Otherwise, you can conisder the Mild steel gate as some people still prefer something that is much simplier

However, the workmanship is variable compared to the Kato gate becuase it is not fabricate using mechine

The mild steel gate were weild manually using pure labour also it depend on the shipment of the type of metal

We use galvanise metal to prevent rust hence the surface is more rough than the usual


Last but not least, some customer still prefer wrough iron gate as it is most durable and heavy duty

It just make your house look more like a HDB, as everyone is getting the same thing

If you do not want to be so outstanding to draw attention, you can consider this type of gate

Also in the market there are many type of wrough iron, the type we use are heavy and rock solid compared to the hollow ones in the market that is not galvanise