EPIC POPSCAN Fingerprint KOREA Digital Lock install onto HDB FIRE RATED DOOR (replaces Yale YDR 4110 Digital Lock and Yale YDR 424 Deadbolt Digital Lock )

EPIC POPSCAN Fingerprint KOREA RIM LOCK is the slimmest Fingerprint RIM Lock in the market for HDB FIRE RATED DOOR 

Epic Fingerprint Rim Lock can program up to 100 fingerprint unlike Yale YDR 4110 digital lock (20 fingerprint ) or Yale YDR 424 (30 fingerprint) 

Why you need so many fingerprint? Because each user need to program more than one fingerprint incase you injured your finger

Also for users with fingerprint problem can program twice the same finger to increase the reliability 

Special Feature will be the one time password and scramble code. 

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