Yale YDM 4109 Fingerprint Digital Lock compare to EPIC EF 8000l Digital Lock

Yale YDM 4109 Fingerprint Digital Lock was develop from Gateman F100 Digital Lock

Yale YDM 4109 fingerprint lock is one of the most reliable digital lock since 2013

EPIC EF 8000L Fingerprint Digital Lock have 2 function that Yale digital lock does

1. Scramble code — adding additional numbers to your password to confuse other party to prevent them from remembering your password

2. One time password — issue to give to unattended guest

The major difference is that the EPIC EF 8000L Digital lock is 4 in 1 .

EPIC digital lock have card function more than Yale Digital Lock

Secondly will the the fingerprint scanner, the EPIC keeps the scanning part after use so that the digital lock will look slim and stylish

However, Yale YDM 4109 digital lock have an area pert-rude out for fingerprint to scan

Beside design, nothing much different