Yale YDG 424G Gate Digital Lock Compare to Gateman Z10 Gate Digital Lock

Yale Bought over Gateman IREVO in KOREA , and they import the digital lock parts and assemble in Yale Factory

Therefore The gateman digital lock and the Yale Digital lock looks identical

In Korea, GATEMAN IREVO only develop Gateman Z10 for the domestic market

The Yale YDG 424G Gate Digital Lock was invented due to the demand of Singapore as we have alot of HDB Gate in Singapore

However, the Yale YDG 424G Gate digital lock

need to remove your exiting gate handle and mortise lock

hence, you need to install magnet or hold onto the gate and wait for the auto lock to trigger

Therefore, MY DIGITAL LOCK uses the Gateman Z10 to modify onto HDB Gate.

By keeping the gate handle, the ledge gives more support to close the gate

Otherwise, for some cases the wrought iron gate warp which makes it hard to close the gate even with the help of the magnet when you install the Yale YDG 424G gate digital lock

it will adds pressure to the lock itself and hence, the mortise will have to drag in and out when you unlock or lock the gate

Definitely will reduce the life span of the digital lock